Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Warhol Pop Portraits

Sixth grade students are ecstatic over this project which incorporates their favorite subject matter...cartoons!

Students practice drawing cartoons first and I give them a double sided hangout of their most loved cartoons (portraits only).  The final project is completed on 4 different colors of 6x9 construction paper glued onto 12x18 manila paper.  Students draw a contour line portrait, outlined in sharpie, and colored with construction paper crayons.

Students learn about Pop Art, discussing 'what is art' and what can be considered art, concluding that personal expression is art.  I also use this opportunity to talk about copyright laws :)

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  1. This one looks like fun! I bet the kids had a good time with it. I just found you… I will be sure to add you to my blog roll.